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Photo: Matthew Fong



"Tara Kannangara goes all in on indie on her EP, Extraordinary People."

Toronto Star

"Toronto-based singer and trumpeter Tara Kannangara released a new music video for the disco-punk single “Name Song,” a biting and humorous takedown of name-fumblers and folks who can’t be bothered to learn the proper way to say her name." - Richie Assaly

"I came away from listening to Tara Kannangara’s new EP, Extraordinary People, wishing it had more tracks than the five listed here. The subject matter hits for any multi-racial kid growing up in Canada’s messy, predominantly white music scenes, and every track includes big, fun hooks. It’s a rewarding direction for Kannangara and Co. and an arena-sized sound we haven’t heard from her before."  - Hiroki Tanaka


EP REVIEW: Tara Kannangara - Extraordinary People

"The atmospheric Alternative tones of Canadian songwriter Tara Kannangara’s new EP ‘Extraordinary People’ is filled with such a contemplative, modern awe and emotive drama that is could be used as the soundtrack to your next favourite Indie film."

Wavelength Music

Tara Kannangara: The WL Interview

"Purveyors of: Wild trumpet melodies, searing guitar lines, lush synths, piercing lyricism" 

Herizons Magazine

"The Extraordinary Tara Kannangara"

Written by Andi Schwartz

Various Small Flames

"The Juno Award-nominated artist has long won acclaim for her inventive combinations of genres, drawing on classical training and jazz sensibilities to push synth pop to new heights. Extraordinary People is no less ambitious in its sound, as lead single and opening track ‘Apartment’ attests. A song which embraces the thrill of an early relationship where everything is undecided and the possibilities are endless, packed full of tender details yet blown up to epic proportions in a manner sure to win over fans of early Mitski. "



2016 JUNO AWARD Nominee Video Interview: TARA KANNANGARA

Interview with Tara Kannangara, conducted by Hillary Chu (member of the Faculty of Music Anti-Racism Alliance) for a joint Music Library and FoMARA digital exhibit. 

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